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Magical defenses - Magic potion kit


Magical defenses

Courage, Calming, Protection

Thanks to the soothing ingredients from the forest, this magic potion kit will help your child feel safe and find the courage to face any adventure. Even the most powerful wizards experience fear from time to time. It can be useful at times, but it can also become problematic if it hinders our daily activities.

Inside this magic box, you will find everything you need to concoct three different potions: a courage potion, a calming potion, and a protection potion. The detailed instructions will help your child regain calmness through mindfulness concepts and positive affirmations.

This playful magic potion kit promotes the development of skills such as creativity, fine motor skills, and self-confidence. Through the potion-making process, the child is encouraged to have confidence in themselves and find the strength to confront what scares them. Moreover, it provides parents with an opportunity to spend quality time with their children by opening up a conversation about their worries and fears.

Inside this box, you will find five carefully selected ingredients, three magical recipe cards, a description card of the ingredients and one card for creating a personalized potion. In addition to incorporating positive thinking concepts, these cards enhance the activity with different detailed instructions for each potion, as well as stories inspired by the folklore.

This magic potion kit is perfect for:

  • Helping your child find calmness
  • Helping them feel secure
  • Building confidence in their abilities

In more detail, this whimsical kit contains:

  • Forest fairy dust
  • Mushroom powder
  • Magical rocks
  • Nature essence
  • Autumn ink
  • Three magical instruction cards
  • A description card of the ingredients
  • One card for creating a personalized potion
*Bowls and accessories not included in the kit

Ingredient list: Baking soda, Citric acid, Mica powder, Clove, Peppercorns, Dried moss, Soil, Epsom salt, Oak leaf confetti, Dried spruce tips, Tree bark, Cedar leaves, Essential oils.

  • While our ingredients are safe, they may cause irritation if they come into contact with a wound.
  • If there is contact with the eyes, rinse with plenty of water for several minutes and see a doctor.
  • Be sure to wash your hands well once the potion is completed.
  • The potion should not be consumed. The bubbles produced are enough to disperse the magic.
  • Apprentice sorcerers should be accompanied by an adult (who may be a non-sorcerer).
  • Apprentice sorcerers must be at least 3 years old to begin the art of potions. Some pieces are small and could cause choking.
  • The magical reaction can be powerful and overflow from its container. Plan the workspace accordingly to avoid damage and stains.
  • Magical dust dislikes moisture. Therefore, it should be stored in a dry place to prevent it from turning into stone.

Regular Potion Kits
Box dimensions: 9 x 6.5 x 2 inches
Weight: +/- 400g

*As they are handmade, the weight of the kits may vary slightly

Quebec and Ontario: Delivery in 3 to 7 business days, free for orders over $100.

Rest of Canada: Delivery in 5 to 10 business days, free for orders over $150.

Natural and biodegradable ingredients

Recyclable or reusable packaging

Complete the look:

Magical defenses - Magic potion kit


What is the purpose of our magical potions?

Our magical potion kits are designed to help children believe in their abilities through a kind and magical approach. In addition to featuring different magical themes, our sets address various challenges in a child's daily life. Some potions can help them discover what makes them unique, thereby enhancing their self-confidence. Another kit may assist in overcoming fears, an emotion that is not inherently bad but can sometimes hinder trying new activities and flourishing.

In our regular kits, you will find three instruction cards to concoct three different potions. The ingredients have been carefully chosen for their color, texture, and scent to provide a wonderful sensory experience. Moreover, the child is sometimes invited to smell the scents or dip their fingers in the liquid to awaken their senses. Once the potion is completed, it can be simply emptied outside to invite fairies and other magical creatures into your garden. These beings will be drawn to the magic of fairy dust!

What to do with the potion once the activity is finished?

Some children are so amazed by their potion that they won't want to part with it immediately. You can keep it in a small Mason jar for a few days.

To preserve the magical properties of the potion, you can dip an object into its liquid to absorb the magic. For example, after completing a friendship potion, dip your friendship bracelets in it!

Since the main ingredient used in our kits is often fairy dust, you can pour the potion directly outside to invite fairies and other magical creatures into your garden. They will be attracted by its enchanting scent and the magic emanating from it! The ingredients are 100% biodegradable (yes, even the glitter), so there is no harm to the environment.

What is the target age for our kits?

The regular kits are designed for children aged 3 to 9, although some teenagers (and even adults) have purchased them for fun! Why 3 to 9 years old? Because at this age, we still believe in magic and fantastic creatures! For two-year-olds, we do not recommend the regular kits as they contain small parts that could cause choking. Also, they have more difficulty following instructions and tend to empty the tubes at once (speaking from experience!). For this age, the mini kits are more suitable as they can experiment with the ingredients and their magical reaction more freely.

What about allergens?

Certainly, we avoid the main allergens listed by Health Canada. The issue of allergens is important to me since my own son is allergic to peanuts. Although allergens are not part of our ingredients, we cannot guarantee that our kits do not contain traces of them. Some ingredients themselves may have the disclaimer: "may contain traces of..." If you or your little wizard have allergies, please contact us to discuss. One thing is certain, there are no peanuts in our home!

Can the potion be consummed?

No, our potions are not meant to be consumed. They are created for magical and sensory play, providing a fun and imaginative experience for children.

How many kids can play with a potion kit?

The regular and mini kits are designed for one child each. However, since the regular kits contain three different potions, you can divide the activity among three children.

Can they be used in the bath?

Although some ingredients are the same as those found in bath bombs, we do not recommend using them for this purpose. Our potions have not been tested for this use. Additionally, the magical reaction will not be as impressive in such a large quantity of water.

What type of container to use to make a potion?

We recommend using a small bowl with a diameter of approximately 3 to 4 inches. With a wide opening, you'll better see the magical reaction and its bubbles. If you want a more impressive reaction that may overflow, use a bowl with a narrow opening.


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For other provinces, orders are shipped via Canada Post or UPS and typically delivered within 5 to 10 business days. If your order is urgent, please contact us to inquire about the approximate delivery date.

*Except for certain remote regions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Helene Sawyer plante
Defense magique

Nous avons donné en cadeau à notre petit fils de 10 ans ce quit. Il a été très impressionné par les réactions que les produits mélangés produisent. Même les parents et la petite sœur de 5 ans trouvent ça captivant. Bon produit. Très contente de cet achat.

Annie Lavigne
Magique ;)

Mon fils a beaucoup aimé les recettes et les odeurs. Il a fait également sa propre potion d'invisibilité !
Merci beaucoup et longue vie!!!

Johanne Gauthier
Un nouveau petit sorcier

Ce cadeau était pour mon petit-fils de 7 ans il a beaucoup apprécié . Il a pris son rôle de petit sorcier très sérieusement, je crois que ça ne sera pas le dernier que j’achète . Je recommande vivement. a

Karine Bigras

Satisfaite a 100%! Merveilleux moment partager avec ma fille! Merci 🙏

Julie Tremblay

Ma fille a complètement cesser de me réveiller la nuit depuis que nous avons utilisé ce coffret. Elle se sent maintenant en sécurité dans sa chambre.


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